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The new Immotausch Business Concept

Immotausch accompanies the Life Long Real Estate Journey from Property Savings and Renting through Purchasing and Exchanging to Real Estate Consumption. We combine Proptech, Fintech and Insurtech. Beginning with residential properties, we are the first company worldwirde offering an Real Estate Exchange Algorithm that is asking you the following question: Which property will you vacate as soon as you found what you are looking for?

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Property Savings & Start-Up Investments

You have the chance to invest in a real estate company that combines a portfolio collection of valuable and an unique ideas, techniques and services within one corporation. At the same time, our investores can be sure, that we invest 80 % to 100 % in the real estate market. The convertible bonds we offer give you the chance for an unusually high return.

Real Estate Subscription

We offer you an combined Membership- and Property Saving-Model. In this subscription-model we invest 96 % of your savings in the real estate market. The first 14,000 subscription-contracts with a minimum 20 year term will be rewarded with a fixed interest rate of 4 % p.a if the payment period is adhered to.

Call Option for Virtual Share

We provide a call option for every Asset Coin 2021, which you can purchase at a price of € 25 per Asset Coin. As soon as we have increased the share capital to 40 million euros, you can use your call option to convert the asset coin into a virtual share (Sharecoin). Instead, you can upgrade the asset coin to a convertible asset equity coin with protection against dilution for 64 million units.